Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Little Helpers

Anyone who has pets knows that they are a crucial part of jewelry making. Especialy cats.

I have two girls that help me tremendously when I'm working with my wire and beads. My big girl, Bellatrix helps me make sure nothing ever falls on the floor. Many beads have been lost to this skilled hunter. The sound of a falling bead brings her running. She finds them and bats them all around the apartment. Much blood has been shed trying to retrieve the beads from her grip. So now extra measures are taken to make sure nothing ever hits the floor.

Peanut is a whole different story. This little monster is sneakier. When I'm doing some repetative wire wrapping and working with a long piece of wire I like to get comfy on the couch with it. That means of course that there is a Peanut in my lap. She has helped me make sure that the wire I'm working with is not too long. If it is, it will end up being a chew toy, or something to bat around and pull out of my hands

So thank you my wonderful girls for helping me with my wire and bead work. I couldn't do it without you

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