Thursday, February 26, 2009

I tried to work on the earrings from yesterday's design last night. They ended up being lots more frustrating than I thought they would be. The wrapping on them didn't look right so I ended up ripping them apart and rewrapping them three times. I'm still not pleased with them
I did end up making one of these though. And I like how they came out. I'm also having a lot of fun drawing these designs on the computer. I've tried schetching out ideas by hand, but I'm so bad at drawing that I would spend so long on the scetch...longer than the actual piece. And things wouldn't come out symetrical which drove me crazy. But on the computer I can do it.


Suzy Q said...

Do you have a tablet for your PC to draw with?

Hearttohearts said...

no, I just do it in MS paint