Monday, February 2, 2009


There is an amazing group of artists online at the Wire Artisans Guild. I have applied for membership and have my fingers crossed that I would be lucky enough to get picked. My work is nothing compared to the amazing artists in that group. Even though I'm not currently a member I love to go through their monthly challenges and see if I can come up with something for them anyway.

Their February challenge is "Affair of the Hearts". I had already done a few pieces for the challenge, but I wanted to do something bigger, something more complex. I started looking at different valentines online and I really like the traditional ones, the big lacy hearts and I wanted to do something that reminded me of those. And I love the feminine colors, pinks and purples.

I couldn't help but look ahead at their challenges for the year and I loved what they had picked for March, "Emerald Isle". The first thing that came to mind was a clover, and the beautiful green aventurine beads that I have had for a while and no inspiration for how to use them. But I thought just a clover would be too simple, so I added the border. I think it also gives it a Celtic look. It sure was a challenge to get all the tiny swirls to fit exactly right


K S Jewellery Designs said...

I am in great admiration of all the WAG artists and looking at your Etsy shop I reckon you would fit in just perfectly. Good luck with your application.
Kristin :)

Hearttohearts said...

thank you! I think they are all so amazing. It would be a huge honor to be admitted