Saturday, March 14, 2009

My sign

My first attempt at a Zodiac pendant. I started with one that looked the simplest. As a cooincidence it's the first sign of the Zodiac as well as my own sign...Aries

I debated on adding gemstones to it, but I decided to keep it somewhat simple and went with all silver. It's about an inch across. I think it would be something that you could wear every day.


ContainsCaffeine said...

It's great! I love the detail around the outside. I agree with your choice to not add stones, it would detract from the symbol.

Although I don't put any stock into astrology, the symbols are beautiful nonetheless.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Really nice Sophie. I also like your clover necklace in your Etsy store. You've been busy...must have your new wire stock! Yay!

Hearttohearts said...

thank you ContainsCaffeine and Kathleen...yes, the new wire is here!!! and half gone already LOL

Jane Of Handmade Jewelry Club said...

It looks great!