Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's Bull

The next sign in the Zodiac, Taurus. This pendant was actually so much trickier than it looks. Attaching the horns to the ring was somewhat of a challenge. At first I curled them into spirals and wired them to the frame but I didn't liked how that looked. I finally came up with just wrapping the ends of the horn around the frame itself and I really like how that looks. I especially like the look of the thick wire wrapped around the frame right next to the thin wire.
As with Aries, I decided to leave it simple and just silver. I think all of these will be like that. The worst part though about this pendant is that it used up the rest of my 26g wire. Luckily I ordered more last week, hopefully it should be here soon. I also ordered more of these lovely tiny silver beads. I just love them! They're so tiny, just 2mm

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