Monday, April 6, 2009

Apartment Hunting

Since hubby got his new job we've been quite comfortable with our money situation and have begun to look for a new two bedroom apartment. We're looking in the neighboring towns to where we both work even though it's pretty far from my parents, and I would like to stay somewhat close to them. Yesterday we went to look at a few places. The first place we saw I absolutely loved. The development was big beautiful clean and brand new. The apartments were big and bright, had a big kitchen big closets and bathrooms, and it was the cheapest place we saw. And it was waterfront! The only downside was that right outside the entrance to the development was...well...a ghetto. The development has security so I don't know how big of an issue that would be.

The second place we saw was a block from my office. It too was a nice new development. We had keys to three model apartments to look at but ran out of there after looking at the first one. We opened the door and almost ran out before even stepping foot into the apartment, but figured we should at least look at the place. I guess they used an apartment that someone just moved out of to use as a model, but ugh it was horrible. There was literally garbage all over the floors, and broken furniture crammed into the master bedroom. There were dozens of roach traps all over the floor...and the smell! I felt like I needed to take a shower after being in there. I can't imagine a place letting people see an apartment like that. The previous places we went to had their model apartment fully furnished and decorated. That's not completely necessary but at least have it be clean!

The third place we went to was a little on the old side. But it had great parking, was pretty close to work and what I liked was that it was secure. There is a main outer door. We only got to see one model, but it was very nice and bright with a descent sized kitchen big bathrooms, but not so much closet was also the most expensive place we saw.

We have some more places we want to go next week too. We still have a lot of time before we want to actually move but we had fun looking at places and getting an idea of what to expect for now. I still really really really loved that first place we saw


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Best of luck finding a place the meets your needs. Finding a place and moving can be a mixture of emotions.

Hearttohearts said...

thank you.

we're looking to move in a few months so we have the time to be picky about an apartment. But we had a blast looking at all the places and deciding where furniture would go