Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hubs did good

Our life at home revolves around our coffee table. It's a cheap piece of crap that we bought on clearance in some crappy little discount furniture store. Actualy I think it wasn't even a table but a small shelf unit that we jus use as a table. But anyway, our life at home basicaly centers around this table. We eat dinner on it and we do our crafts on it. Now hubs has a great tray for his painting, it's big and has a couple levels on it and when we need to clear the table off he can just pick up the tray and bam, his side of the table is clean. So a few weeks ago I mentioned that it would be easier if I had a tray too instead of just covering the table in scraps of wire and then sweeping it all into a shoebox when we needed to clear the table. I'd also been looking for a better method of keeping finished earrings than hanging them on that white mug. So this is what he made me. I love it! It doesn't show in the picture but there's also space on the sides for my pliers and cutters (and the tray is actualy a breakfast in bed tray so it has foldable legs on it...I'm thinking wire-wrapping in bed)

there's just one teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem with it and it's nothing he could have known about. The dowels are just slightly too large for the ear hooks so all those earrings are hanging quite snug. It's no big deal realy, from now on I'll just use the scrap piece of that dowel as a mandril to shape earwires when I make them.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Now that's terrific. Thanks for sharing.

Hearttohearts said...

he's surprisingly handy sometimes! I had no idea he even knew how to drive a nail into a piece of wood, LOL