Sunday, July 12, 2009


We got a kitten today! WOO. She's a little black and white Tuxedo cat. We don't have a name for her. I'm thinking of giving her a name from some of the TV shows we love, like Star Trek, Battlestar, or Buffy...but so far nothing seems to fit her.

She's such a sweet girl. She's a cuddler. Right now my husband is playing the new Ghostbuster's game with her curled up on his chest. Before that she was asleep on me for a while...she must have had an interesting dream because her paws were twitching like she was running, it was so cute.

Unfortunately our introduction of her to Peanut didn't go so smooth. We let Peanut out of the bedroom and the kitten jumped out of her box and headed right for the bedroom with Peanut right behind her and they both dove under the bed with Peanut hissing and growing at her. We got the kitten out of there and closed the door so Peanut stayed in there, then the kitten went around the apartment looking for various hiding spots and not really coming out much. Now she's venturing out and climbed up on the couch and cuddled with us.

Tomorrow I'm home from work because there's an exterminator coming to the apartment (They're doing the whole development, not that we have any pests) so I'll try to give them a little bit of time together and see what happens.


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