Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More features

Ahhh life with a kitten. Now in the mornings I wake up a little earlier to give her some attention before I go to work. Since she's still not getting along with Peanut, Peanut gets to sleep in bed with us, but kitten who we're naming Kara (yeah Starbuck hehe) is spending the night in the second bedroom. As soon as my alarm goes off, she starts crying. So I take a shower and get ready for work as quick as I can, and then I let her out so she can run around for a bit. Boy does she have a lot of energy....

In honor of my new kitten and my dear Peanut, today's featured Etsy items will be Cats

Colorful Cat Stitch Markers by weeones

Striped Cat Bead by karibeads

CAT GOVERNESS WITH KITTEN CHILD Oval Photo Locket by uniqueartpendants

These are all so cute!!!!

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