Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Restless Night

Since Sunday when we got her, Kara has been spending the night in our spare bedroom since Peanut wasn't getting along with her too well. Last night it seemed that Peanut finaly understood that she's not going anywhere and stopped hissing at her...mostly. So we figured we'd try to let Kara into our bedroom with us for the night. Well our first night with the two cats was a bit rough. Every once in a while I would hear a little hiss or a growl but nothing huge. But of course Kara wanted to play at night and since I'm a very light sleeper she kept waking me up. She also kept attacking my feet. Which I guess if you're watching it would look cute, but in reality it was like getting stabbed in the toes with many tiny needles. More than a few times I woke up with Peanut curled up against me on one side, and Kara curled up against me on another side. And a few times I woke up with Kara curled up on my husband.

It seems like for now Peanut is tolerating Kara. I hope that soon she will become friendly with her. One of the main reasons we wanted a second cat was to keep Peanut company.

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