Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My, how time flies

It doesn't feel like it, but it's been just over a month since we moved into our new apartment. And I'm embarassed to say, that we have not finished unpacking. Part of the problem is that all of the boxes are out of sight in the second bedroom behind closed doors. Every day while I'm at work I tell myself that when I get home I'm going to unpack just one box, and then I get home and I'm tired and I just want to relax and craft. Hubbs got this Saturday off so we promised each other we would attack the boxes. We've also been debating on whether or not we want to paint in the apartment. Since it is a rental if we were to paint, we would have to revert everything back to the original color when we move out. But since we're very happy with the place and see ourselves living there for at least a few years I don't think that's a problem. I would love to paint, as is the walls are a horrible ivory color. It makes everything look so bland and sterile. I would love to bring some warmth into the place. I think it would help make it feel more like home. Hubbs and I have always dreamed of having a deep red dining room, now's our chance. I think there's a way we can put a chair rail up without damaging the walls too much. That would be fantastic. Something like in the picture, but without the red ceiling.

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esta sketch said...

I think the red dining room looks divine! I say go for it - my last apartment had some horribly bland coloured walls, I think it was starting to suck my creativity in the end. I am much happier and more productive now that I'm in my own home surrounded with beautiful colours, amazing what a difference a bit of paint can make!