Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This could be trouble....

Oh this kitten....she drives me absolutely crazy!! But I love her to death. I'm a bit concerned that Peanut has been more distant from me since we got her so I try to make extra time to give Peanut extra scritchies and cuddles. Sometimes Kara will do something like, bite Peanut's tail, or steal a bit of her food and Peanut will turn and give me this look that seems to say "Why did you do this to me" But sometimes when they think I'm not looking I catch them cuddling together...which I have yet to get a picture of. They always seem to know when I want to take a picture.

What I think could be trouble though is that Kara is fearless. She has no problem jumping from very high things, like on top of my dresser or ME. She's so small, and when we got her she was recovering from a broken leg that I worry that she'll hurt herself. But so far she seems perfectly fine with it and looks like she has fun with all four paws spread out in mid air. She's also always going after Peanut. Sometimes it's very cute. She'll hide behind something and jump out right in front of her. Sometimes Peanut plays with her, sometimes she hisses at her.

She's also fearless about people food. THIS is what I think could be a problem. With our other cats, Peanut and Bellatrix (RIP) they would always be curious about what we were eating but showed very little interest in eating it themselves. We would give them a tiny bit to sniff and usualy that would be enough and they would leave. Sometimes they'd give it a little nibble. But Kara seems to love everything. Everything we give her to sniff she tries to gobble up. It's not that she's hungry, she has constant access to cat food. Don't worry she does NOT get to regularly eat people food. Peanut, if she likes something we're eating which is rare, gets to have a few bites of it. But Kara, being a kitten doesn't get any people food to eat...but she has snuck a few bites from a plate when we weren't looking

And at night this little girl is a terror. That's when she's most active. She chases anything that isn't nailed down. There have been times when I've woken up to find my glasses on the floor across the room. She's also a foot pouncer. Being summer we have very thin blankets and she just loves to pounce on a moving foot under the blanket. And without fail every day since we've gotten her, she's woken me up at 5am demanding some cuddles.

It's quite fortunate for this little girl that she's so adorable...who could stay mad at this little thing

And some pictures of Peanut


bluedogrose said...

Your cats are adorable, I am sure they will be best friends in no time!

Hearttohearts said...

Thank you! I hope they will be friends soon.