Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yeah, I'm a geek

Hubbs and I went to two small conventions in October, and got some cool autographs to add to our collection. I think our binder is pretty much full now. We're going to have to start on a second one. Here are the latest additions (bonus points to anyone who can recognize them)

These autographs our friend got for us from the big Star Trek convention in Vegas. As you can see our Voyager cast photo is almost complete. This year we were able to add Roxann Dawson and Jeri Ryan to it, two very elusive autographs. The only one missing is Robert Beltran.
I love this picture. Once we have the money for it, we want to replicate this for the costume contest.

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BeckyKay said...

My husband would be very jealous of all those Battlestar Gallactica ones!