Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For a while I resisted making earrings. I was afraid that I would never be able to make two things that were both identicle and mirror images. But lately all I've been making are earrings

These I realy enjoyed making, they were a lot of fun. They're something cute and simple that you could wear every day. I want to make a few more with different colored stones.

These I made with my cousin's upcoming wedding in mind. I don't know if she needs earrings or not or if she will want them, but I'll offer them to her. I don't know what her dress looks like so I don't know if they'll go with it or not. But I like making these swirly posts and like the teardrop hanging from them.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's Bull

The next sign in the Zodiac, Taurus. This pendant was actually so much trickier than it looks. Attaching the horns to the ring was somewhat of a challenge. At first I curled them into spirals and wired them to the frame but I didn't liked how that looked. I finally came up with just wrapping the ends of the horn around the frame itself and I really like how that looks. I especially like the look of the thick wire wrapped around the frame right next to the thin wire.
As with Aries, I decided to leave it simple and just silver. I think all of these will be like that. The worst part though about this pendant is that it used up the rest of my 26g wire. Luckily I ordered more last week, hopefully it should be here soon. I also ordered more of these lovely tiny silver beads. I just love them! They're so tiny, just 2mm

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Awakening

Spring is finaly here and with it comes the lovely colors. Pinks, purples, greens....I wanted to do something fairly simple with but with the colors of spring. These earrings have rose quartz, cherry quartz, amethyst, aventurine and pearls. They hang about an inch and a half
These were my first attempt at a post style earring. It took me a while to get the post part just right.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring!! And it's snowing..big fat snowflakes. There's already a dusting on the ground. Can you believe this (and no I don't want to hear anything about "global warming")

This morning when I checked my email I had another sale, yay. For the wrapped scrabble pendant. Unfortunately I'm out of the letter that they want. So I'll have to see if they want another letter, to wait until I get more, or just a refund.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Aries pendant sold today! I haven't had a sale in a while, that definately cheered me up. Now to make another!
I've been approved to be a teacher over at Jewelrylessons.com. That means that I'm working on some tutorials for some of my earrings and pendants. I'm still deciding on which ones to make and how to actualy write the tutorials.

I'm also having a Mother's Day sale in my etsy shop(www.hearttohearts.etsy.com) Buy one get one half price.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My sign

My first attempt at a Zodiac pendant. I started with one that looked the simplest. As a cooincidence it's the first sign of the Zodiac as well as my own sign...Aries

I debated on adding gemstones to it, but I decided to keep it somewhat simple and went with all silver. It's about an inch across. I think it would be something that you could wear every day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's your sign?

There was a custom request on Etsy yesterday for a Sagittarius pendant. I put a bid in for it but it also got me thinking....In looking at the variuos symbols I began to picture in my head how I could shape most of them out of wire. Once my new supply of wire arrives I'm going to try to make a few, starting of course with my own sign Aries.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Something terrible happened....I ran out of wire!!!!!! I usualy order when I get low so that it arrives by the time I'm out. But for some reason I ran out before I ordered more. I feel like I'm going through withdrawl, LOL.
But I went online to my favorite supplier and ordered more. And while browsing their site I came across some shiny goodies that I just had to have

I have an idea for earrings with the Apatite and Peridot together, and the rubies I think are going to go on the gothic cross.

I can't wait to get these!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

One Down....

The Celtic Cross pendant based on this sketch is finished. The frame of the cross was made from one piece of wire that was hand bent into the shape of the cross. This was quite a challenge, not only to keep the wire strait while I worked (and to keep Peanut from playing with it) but to make sure that all four arms of it were the same measurements. I might change the center of it though. I'm not 100% happy with this stone. I feel that it should be a brighter green. But this was the only green I had at the moment. I've had these forever and I don't even remember what kind of stone it is

Friday, March 6, 2009

Works in Progress

I started on one of the crosses I doodled yesterday. I picked the Celtic one to start on. As you can see from the work in progress picture I'm trying to make the body of it out of one single piece of wire. It's been quite a challenge keeping it straight while I work. This one is actualy my second attempt from last night at this cross, the first one having been ripped apart and cut up for scrap wire. Peanut loves this one, she was in my lap the whole time I was making it and enjoyed batting at all the wire as it waved in the air while I was working.

Here is also a single earring that I made earlier this week. A combination of rose quartz, amethyst and pearl. I'm hoping to give it a mate sometime soon.....too many ideas in my head all at once.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Doodling

I'm trying to break my addiction to a certain website that I spend many hours a day on. So I turned my attention to designing. I'm having almost as much fun drawing the designs on the computer as I am actually making them.

Some more ideas for some crosses. These will be unlike the ones I have done in the past. One more gothic and one more Celtic...now my only problem is, which one do I start making first?

Monday, March 2, 2009


This was the most snow we've had all winter. When I woke up for work there was almost a foot on the ground. So I decided not to go to work. Hubby shoveled the drive way but he did go to work. He's only been on this job for a bout a week so we figured he better brave the icy roads and show his commitment to the new job

Peanut has definitely been happy to have me home today, she hasn't left my side all day. I feel a little sorry for her now, she's alone most of the day until I get home from work now and I think she gets lonely. When I come home she's more affectionate than she's ever been and won't leave my side until I go to bed

I did work on one of my sketches. I'm quite happy with how it came out. The open space was a challenge for me, my natural instinct was to fill it with some swirls or beads. My two favorite stones, garnet and amethyst. I love the purple and deep red color combination