Friday, October 30, 2009

Brace yourself for cute

I took today off from work because we were out very late last night at a Halloween event. So today has been a day of going to A.C. Moore, buying groceries, making earrings, and having a heart attack from over cuteness.

Since we got the kitten, she has been a terror to any younger sibling. Once in a while they play together, but mostly their interaction consists of Kara hiding behind things and pouncing on Peanut, Peanut hissing at Kara, Kara trying to bite Peanut's tail and legs, and Peanut hissing at Kara.

So imagine my surprise when I'm working on my Etsy shop, adding a few pairs of earrings when I hear a kitty yawn and turn to find this on the chair behind me

Of course I had to tiptoe away to grab the camera and snap a thousand photos hehehe. They've been laying like this for a while now.

Friday Favorites

Since tomorrow is Halloween I guess it's only appropriate that today's featured items reflect the holiday.

Dracula 5x7 fine art print by THE LEGENDARY TIGER HERO

Gothic cuffs by estylissimo

Love Bite--- vampire bite illusion necklace by GiraffeNeckKnits

Moveable Vampire Fangs by JL67

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Historic Humpday

This is the first of some new features I have planned to spruce up this blog. On Wednesdays I plan to have a Today in History feature...hence, Historic Humpday

Today in History

October 28, 1965
Gateway Arch completed

On this day in 1965, construction is completed on the Gateway Arch, a spectacular 630-foot-high parabola of stainless steel marking the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial on the waterfront of St. Louis, Missouri.
The Gateway Arch, designed by Finnish-born, American-educated architect Eero Saarinen, was erected to commemorate President Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and to celebrate St. Louis' central role in the rapid westward expansion that followed. As the market and supply point for fur traders and explorers--including the famous Meriwether Lewis and William Clark--the town of St. Louis grew exponentially after the War of 1812, when great numbers of people began to travel by wagon train to seek their fortunes west of the Mississippi River.
In 1947-48, Saarinen won a nationwide competition to design a monument honoring the spirit of the western pioneers. In a sad twist of fate, the architect died of a brain tumor in 1961 and did not live to see the construction of his now-famous arch, which began in February 1963. Completed in October 1965, the Gateway Arch cost less than $15 million to build. With foundations sunk 60 feet into the ground, its frame of stressed stainless steel is built to withstand both earthquakes and high winds. An internal tram system takes visitors to the top, where on a clear day they can see up to 30 miles across the winding Mississippi and to the Great Plains to the west.
In addition to the Gateway Arch, the Jefferson Expansion Memorial includes the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Old Courthouse of St. Louis, where two of the famous Dred Scott slavery cases were heard in the 1860s. Today, some 4 million people visit the park each year to wander its nearly 100 acres, soak up some history and take in the breathtaking views from Saarinen's gleaming arch.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let's do the Time Warp again!

Last night, or I guess early today, we went to a midnight show of Rocky Horror. I love this version of it because it wasn't just people acting in front of a movie screen, it was like a real play. So much fun! Hubbs and I have joined a gym together and are starting to watch our diet more carefuly. My goal is to loose enough weight so that when we go next year I'll feel comfortable wearing one of those skimpy french maid outfits hehe

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lots of new things

The mailman came today with lots of goodies. Keep an eye on the shop for lots of new pretties soon. Here's a small example of SOME of the things I'm working on right now.

Also, in honor of one of my favorite holidays ever, I'm having a special promotion in my shop. FREE TAROT READING with any purchase. I've been reading Tarot cards for many years and have several decks which I've blogged about before, here:
I've also gotten involved with another side project in hopes to earn a little extra money. I've become a mystery shopper. It's so much fun! I've only just started so I'm not getting the high paying jobs yet, but it's still fun to do. This weekend I'm going on two shops, one of which is to see a movie! All the money that I make from these shops is going into my new cell phone fund. A few months ago hubbs and I both renewed our contracts and got awesome new cell phones. But I for the first time in my life, I lost it. Fortunately I stil had an older phone that I'm now using but it's starting to wear out. So hopefully soon I'll have enough to get a new phone..I'm hoping to get enough money to get an env touch!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This might be an unusual post for a blog like this, but this is one of my passions in life.....

This past weekend we bought this beautiful book. I'm such a huge fan of vampires. And trust me this was years before all the Twilight hype. Though I read Twilight when it first came out, long before all the hype for it. I actually like the books....ALL of them (The Host is very good too). There is one aspect to those books that I'm not a huge fan of, but that's just part of their vampire "rules" their mythology. That is, that there is no negative consequences to being a vampire. Being a vampire in that universe means that you don't have to eat from humans, you're beautiful, strong, smart, rich, and don't even have to avoid sunlight. So why NOT be a vampire. I think I prefer my vampires with a little danger to them.

My favorite part about reading about vampires is learning about their mythology in each universe, their "rules" who can or can't go to sunlight, who can or can't touch a cross, and how they came into being etc. I have a bookcase in our spar bedroom that is just devoted to my vampire collection.

I'm also a huge fan of Buffy and Angel, we have the dvds and are waching Angel now. I love the mythology presented in those shows. A vampire is a demon, not something you want to be, something that is evil

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some new items

I know I've been slacking with the blog lately. But I've been working on new items. One series of items aren't quite ready, but hopefuly tile pendants with beautiful vintage images.

I love making these trees. I love that I can make them following the exact same steps using the same lengths of wire, but no two will ever be the same. This one is a winter tree that has lost it's leaves

And some new items that haven't gotten to the shop yet, just finished them today

This one just came to me...I was in the middle of another project and the larger alexandrite beads caught my eye. I had to put down what I was working on and whip up this pendant right away. It's chunky and heavey, but soft and feminine at the same time

These beautiful vintage beads just arrived today. I've had this idea in my head for a while now. I think it's missing some green leaves though

This was just pure fun. Remember shrinky dinks? I bought some shrink plastic sheets and drew these drips by hand and colored them in with red magic marker. So much fun, even my husband got a kick out of it.