Monday, May 24, 2010

Best of both worlds

Ever since I finished the granny square blanket I've been wanting to make more. And I found a project that incorporates both jewelry and crochet.


These were pretty tricky. I've never worked with yarn this thin in a single strand. Usually I would double it, but to keep the bracelets from being too big I kept it single. And man was it hard on my fingers!

The hardest part of working with yarn that thin was keeping all of the stitches tight and neat. But I think they came out cute. I have a few more color combinations I'm working on (can't wait to finish the black and red one) and I also want to make a few necklaces too.


Lisa said...

Do you use a stiffener for these bracelets, or not? I made a couple and tried to use stiffener, I'm not happy with it, thankyou

Desiree' Abbott said...

Ditto! Stiffener or no?