Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Weight Loss Tool

If you're trying to loose weight and you have an iphone, itouch, or ipad, you have to check out this great app. It's called "Lose it". It is a daily calorie tracker plus more.

To start out, you have to enter your beginning weight. This was the worst part for me. You also enter your age, height, gender, goal weight, and how many pounds you want to loose each week. It only lets you choose up to two pounds a week. Anything more than that is considered dangerous and unhealthy. Then it calculates for you how many calories you should eat in a day. It also gives you an estimated time frame in which you will loose the weight.

Simple right?

Then all you have to do is just enter everything you eat and try to stay under the budget it gives you. What's great about the app is that it has a HUGE database of food, fresh foods, store bought foods, and even restaurant foods. The foods you eat are subtracted from your daily budget. You can enter physical activity as well, which will subtract calories from what you've eaten. If what you need to enter is not in the database it's a snap to add it.

The app also works with a website. You can export your data to it and print it out. There's also a great community. A forum lets you chat with other people and keeps you motivated

I've been using this app for a little while and I definatly see a difference. Entering everything I eat makes me stop and think about it first. Do I really want that extra serving? Do I want to see my daily intake go into the red? Plus the feeling of seeing the chart go DOWN is great! If you stick to the budget it gives you, you'll lose weight. So I think this app is definately worth getting!

and of course, the app is FREE

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