Saturday, May 15, 2010

I just found out....

I've been browsing through different kinds of foods and how many calories they have to see what kinds of things I can eat more of and still stay on track with my weight loss. I made a very happy discover....SHRIMP! I double checked with a few different websites in addition to my handy dandy Lose It! app, and a medium size shrimp has only 5 calories in it! Unfortunately they seem to be a little high in colesterol so they're not going to be an every day food. But it's nice to know that when they're on sale once in a while I can have an amazing shrimp-filled meal and it won't cost me that much in calories.

Today shrimp happened to be on sale at my grocery store, so I bought myself a pound (hubbs doesn't like shrimp so they're all for me!) and I put half in the freezer for another day. I've never peeled or deveinged shrimp before and let me tell you, next time I'll seriously consider getting the more expensive pre peeled and deveined ones.

I think shrimp are one of those foods that shouldn't have much done to them, they should be cooked simply. My favorite way is just to saute them in a little butter and garlic. And to go with it, I made another favorite, lightly wilted spinach. To cook that after the shrimp were done I picked them out of the pan and left all the drippings. I added a touch more butter and some more garlic. Once the garlic was cooked I turned off the pan and added the spinach. The leftover heat in the pan was enough to cook the spinach perfectly. Not raw, but not completely wilted mush either.

I could eat this every day!

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