Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting ready

It's one week from tomorrow. I'm getting nervous. This should be a much bigger show than the last one I did.

To display my earrings I use several of these wire grids.

They work very well. I can arrange them into any shape I want, they're sturdy and they look neat. But they are just a bit on the bland side. One of the things I've done to try to brighten them up is connect them with bright yarn instead of the standard connectors.

Another thing I've been working on to make the earring displays nicer is my own earring cards. I've been working on them for about a month, trying different designs, different proportions and such. I finally came up with a design that I absolutely love

I just love the swirls! I shamelessly used the printer at work to print about 200 of these little cards and it looks like this weekend will be spent cutting them all out. My idea is to cut them following the curves of the swirls.


Deanna said...

I think you are going to be very busy this weekend. LOL. I love the earring card design.

Stephanie said...

i love the earring cards!!!