Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend review

Saturday was the show. How did it go? Well.....

It was hot. I mean HOT. This past Saturday the temperature reached 101 degrees, and the building we were in did not have air conditioning.

Because of the heat as you can imagine not as many people came to the show as were expected. But I still managed to make some good money, but it was a miserable day. We did leave early though, and I heard that almost half of the scheduled vendors didn't even bother coming.

Here's what my table looked like, sorry it's such a bad photo

I've always heard of horror stories from people who work craft shows, people who are rude and insulting to their work, want things for less than they're worth and such. But I've been very fortunate that the two shows that I've done, the people who came to them have been wonderful. Everyone has been polite and nice. So, if you're reading this post, and you've seen me at one of the shows I've done, thank you for being so friendly.

I've been debating for a while whether or not I want to do more shows. I have several more applications, and they're not very expensive. The trouble is, the two shows I've been in so far have been poor examples. The first one was not advertised at all and hardly anyone showed up, this second one because of the heat, hardly anyone showed up. But in both shows I made significantly more than what I paid for the table. That makes me want to keep doing them.

On Sunday, we had tickets to our favorite theater, the Bucks County Playhouse. If you're in the area, or near the area you must check out this little theater. I don't know exactly why I love them so much. The building is old and small, the seats are falling apart, taped up and not the most comfortable. But I just love this theater so much. We go there a few times a year.

We had tickets to see 42nd Street. I'd been dying to see it, would you believe I've never seen it before? The first act was fantastic. Great dancing, fun music, and even a very funny incorporation of an announcement for a Jeep in the parking lot with it's top down and it beginning to rain.

Unfortunately the rain was turning into quite a storm, and during intermission the power went out. We sat and waited for about 20 minutes and then they told us to leave. So we never got to see the second act. The good thing is that we'll get free tickets to another show, which we will definitely be using.

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

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