Monday, August 2, 2010


Since learning that I was accepted as a vendor to The Witches Ball, I've been wanting to make a few things that lean towards the gothic side. I love the Victorian Gothic style of jewelry and clothing.

I had these beautiful deep red glass cabochons and some wonderful antique bronze settings, which I think went really well together.

The first thing I made was a bracelet with some pieces of bronze filligree, and some lovely deep red Czech glass beads

I wanted to make some things to match it, to make a really nice set that went together. The next thing I made was a pair of earrings.

As I was making the earrings I got an idea for a matching necklace.

And having just recieved them in the mail, I had to make a ring to go along with it

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kim* said...

I love the colors. Very classic yet has that gothic feel