Friday, August 6, 2010


At my last craft show I had thrown together a small basketfull of little catnip pillows. Just little bits of fabric sewn together stuffed with batting and catnip. And people bought them like crazy! I didn't expect that! I also didn't expect that every person who came by would pick up a pillow and smell it either LOL. So I'm making a lot more of the pillows. I got a bunch of cute fabric scraps that were cut into squares.

And I've been sewing...and sewing and sewing them all into little pillows.

I do all my sewing by hand, and my sewing skills are far from perfect. AND I've only stuck myself with the needle 6 or 7 times!

Once I have them all sewn up, the stuffing process begins. This is quite dangerous. It involves an open container of catnip and two kitties watching me work. More than once one of them has pulled a finished pillow out of my basket. They have excellent team work. One of them distracts me with something cute, the other snags some catnip goodness while I'm not looking.

I sewed about a dozen of these little guys last night.....only a few hundred more to go before my next show


LDTillustrations said...

I probably would have bought one, too! I think that you've stumbled upon one of the secrets to success in a rough economy - animal lovers will always, always spend money on their pets! Heh, the two kitties I have now have yet to experience cat nip... a trip to pet store might be in order!

Hearttohearts said...

LD, you definately should try it! Just sprinkle some in a brown lunch bag crinkle it up and toss it on the floor. Then sit back and get ready to laugh