Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend plans

From Friday evening to Sunday evening I will be minus a husband. He is going to a civil war event with his father for the whole weekend. So what does that mean....for one that means sprawling out on our king sized bed!!!! Well actually huddled in a corner while the cats sprawl out, you know how it is.

It also means SEAFOOD. Hubbs hates most seafood (besides sushi) so the only real time I make any for myself is when he's away. So I've been spending today at work browsing various recipes.

It also means I will have time to work on something I've been planning and secretly working on for a long long time


I have a bunch that I'm planning to make, from basic techniques, to more complex wire wrapping, to specific pendant and earring tutorials.

Possibly one of the first tutorials I might make will be this clover necklace

So look for them soon!

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JCB Design Studio said...

That's so pretty...I can't wait to see more, and have FUN this weekend! SO lucky!