Thursday, September 16, 2010

Even more clay

I'm still playing around with clay. I bought a few more colors to play with too. The only problem I'm still having is baking. It seems that either when I take them out they're still a bit soft, or they're overcooked and the color is off. But I'm having a lot of fun with the different colors and combining them. I made a few more Halloween themed items which I think are really cute. These aren't finished yet, they still need to be sealed but I couldn't wait to take some pictures of them.
Vampire bite hearts
I made these in a bunch of different colors.

This heart was really tricky. It involved making several identicle hearts in different colors, cutting them apart, sticking different colored pieces together and adding the teeny tiny little bits of black clay to form the stitches. It reminds me a lot of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Sally's Heart

And these were just plain fun. It took some practice to form the petals all the same, but I think they're so cute!

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Flax and Spindle said...

oooo..I love the last one!