Monday, September 27, 2010

The Show

Well it looks like The Witches Ball will be my last show.

Overall it wasn't a horrible experience, but I don't think that I bring in enough money to justify the trouble. I made enough to cover the table, materials, dinner, and still have a good amount left over, but I didn't reach my goal.

The day was beautiful. The temperature was warm and there was a beautiful breeze all day. We were under a big tree so we had shade too. One thing I'm very happy about is that I have never had a rude customer. I've heard horror stories from other sellers about rude people and I'm very thankful that they've never come to my table.

After the show was over and we were home and relaxing and watching tv, we both remembered something very important. It was our wedding anniversary! Saturday was the 4th anniversary of our Las Vegas wedding, and we both forgot!

I will leave you with some earrings I just listed

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