Friday, September 24, 2010


The show is tomorrow and I'm getting nervous. I've been packing for the past couple days, and making sure I have enough items. This is going to be the biggest show I've done so far and the most space I've had to fill up. This is also my first outdoor event so I've had to modify some of my displays. Many of my displays would blow over in the wind, they would just act as sails, so I've put together a bunch that are lower.

This show is going to be the test. The last two shows I did had factors against them, one was a brand new show that didn't advertise and had a very low turnout, and the other show ended up being on the hottest day of the year and had a low turnout. But in both shows I managed to make more than my table cost plus what I spent setting up. Tomorrow's show is well established, well advertised, and the weather is supposed to be very nice. So if I make a good amount of money then I will continue to pursue doing shows, if not then I will go to the Witches Ball which I already paid for and that will be the end of the shows.

And just so this isn't a completely boring post, here's a picture of one of my latest clay creations.

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JCB Design Studio said...

LOVE those lol soo cute! Of course I'm a Twilight fan and a True Blood fan so I am partial!