Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Jewelry Storage Solution

In an earlier post I talked about a way to store my earrings to make it easier to travel to craft shows. Well since I'm not doing anymore shows (except for next year's Witches Ball) I wanted something nicer, a way to store them to make it easier to pack them for shipping. So here's what I did.

First I had a great discount for, so I ordered some new business cards with my own design

Then, I cut them in half (and trim off that extra strip of black on the left side)

Then I poke some holes in the cards and put earrings, or other jewelry on them. 

And then they go into individual plastic baggies and into one of several plastic shoeboxes for storage.

Most of my craft show inventory is not listed on my Etsy shop, but I'm slowly getting them all listed  now. It's slow going since I'm only listing 3 or 4 items a day. I already have over 100 items! So keep an eye on my shop for lots and lots of new items over the next few weeks.

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plaidfuzz said...

That looks really good, great idea!