Friday, December 3, 2010


We put our Christmas tree and lights up on Black Friday. It took me a while to get some pictures, and they came out kind of  bad. But here's our tree

And of course the kitties use the tree skirt as a cat bed

Kara learned a new trick with the tree. She quickly learned that if she jumped up and tried to knock off an ornament that she would get yelled at and have things thrown at her. So now when she wants to knock off an ornament she climbs inside the tree and reaches her little paw through to bat at the ornaments. On the one hand I'm mad that she's trying to mess with the tree, but on the other hand I have to give her credit for figuring out a way to keep doing it but in a way that I can't throw things at her

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MAB Jewelry said...

Cats and christmas trees are a dangerous mix. I have to tie my tree to a hook in the wall, or my boys knock it down and destroy it when I go to bed.
Bad old kitties.