Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you check out BrightCircle's shop and her awesome shimmerstones. I recently bought a pretty purple one and have been playing around with various ways to turn it into a pendant. I tried various wrapping techniques but what finally worked was a sort of cage setting. I like how the silver looks against the purple stone. I may have to buy some more of these stones soon.


Bright Circle said...

Oh my goodness--that is GORGEOUS! I SO wish you lived near me, I've long been an admirer of your wire style, which far outshines my simple abilities.

Ok that sounded kinda made up, but I totally mean it.

And now for some commercialism: Shimmerstone jewelry is indeed available through my Bright Circle shop, and shimmerstone cabochons not made into jewelry are available through my supply shop, http://paradoxmoxie.etsy.com

Ashley said...

Wow....thats so pretty... I need to figure out how to construct things like that someday...