Monday, January 10, 2011

First Design Contest!

As I said before, I've  been thinking about this for a while and I'm anxious to get started!

Our first theme, will be FORBIDDEN ROMANCE. Your job is to come up with a piece of jewelry or accessory that is inspired by this phrase. The sky is the limit here!

~One entry per person please
~To enter the contest simply leave a comment to this post with a link to your entry
~You will have 2 weeks from today to enter. Last entry accepted must  be posted by 11:59 EST on January 23rd.
~All entries will be posted and voting will begin on January 24th

The person who's entry has the most votes will win these lovely earrings.

Try to spread the word around, get your friends involved! The more entries we have the more fun the contest will be. Good luck to all!


Lithia said...

Hey HTH! Here is my entry!

Hope you like it!

KraeheoftheCrows said...

The colors are of a rainbow, the colors that represent the gay community. They are still fighting for their right to love anyone that they want, so their love is still forbiddon to a lot of communities and people. Even in the military they have been asked not to serve or tell who they really are.


JewelryByJaime said...

Here's my entry

Kat said...

Here's my entry :)

Maria said...

Here's my entry:
I hope you like it :)

des28311 said...

Here is my entry. Thank you

Bright Circle said...

I thought long and hard about this, about which 'forbidden' romance to serve as my inspiration, and finally decided I was overthinking it. I made the piece this afternoon.

Mostly I just wanted to have the creative challenge--so I don't need any votes, I'd rather someone else get any votes I might garner.