Monday, January 24, 2011

Voting Time!!!

I want to thank everyone who entered! There was a much better turn out than I was hoping (I was afraid I wouldn't get a single entry)

And now, here are the entries

1) Octopus and Mermaid Forbidden Love Necklace by Lithia
2) Rainbow Crystal Heart earrings by Abbyka (KraeheoftheCrows)
"The colors are of a rainbow, the colors that represent the gay community. They are still fighting for their right to love anyone that they want, so their love is still forbiddon to a lot of communities and people. Even in the military they have been asked not to serve or tell who they really are."

3) Jailed Heart Necklace by JewelrybyJaime

4) Siam on Brass Chandelier Earrings by Virukka 

5) Valentines Day Cute Cupcake Earrings by Marietejee

5) Purple Teardrop Earrings by DesireeBeadBoutique

6) Pewter Heart Necklace by BrightCircle

Just leave a comment in this post with the number of the entry that you think best captures the theme. Voting will end one week from today. The last vote counted must be posted by 11:59pm (EST) on Jan 30th.

Good luck everyone!


Bright Circle said...

I think Lithia's entry (#1) should win. I think it's a great and fun interpretation of the theme.

Kglass said...

I vote for number 3, it's a beautiful and succinct metaphor for Forbidden Love...not to mention a gorgeous design.

Susanne said...

I wish to Vote for #2, a beautiful way to symbolize Forbidden Love and to support our Gay Community...LOVE! ^_^*~ Susanne

kziegler said...

I like the octopus. Amazing detail!

Zyatica said...

I like #4 the cupcakes are so cute