Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't think I'm a great photographer or anything, but I've had a few people ask me about how I take my pictures and how I get the background so bright. Well let me tell you how

First, the most important step is the camera. It doesn't have to be a fancy camera. But it does have to have a white balance setting. My camera has an option that lets me set it manually. So to do this I select the option to set the white balance manually and point the camera at the white paper that I use as my background and hit the shutter button. This sets that white paper as pure white. Of course each camera is different so check your own specific camera's instructions on how to do this.

When taking pictures I do NOT use a lightbox. I have nothing against them, I just happen to not use one. I also don't have an opportunity to take advantage of natural light. I take all my pictures either before or after work, so it's dark outside when I do.

My set up is very simple. An old desk, a large sheet of white paper, two lamps and items that I use as props.

So after I set my white balance, and take a picture it looks something like this
It needs a lot of work! (and yes it's always that cluttered)

I don't use any fancy or expensive software to edit my photos. My favorite program to use is Microsoft Office Picture Manager...that's right, the one that came free with the computer. Ok, so the first step is to crop the picture.
And then it looks something like this
To brighten it up is pretty simple. There's a tool in this program that does the work for you. Click on the "EDIT PICTURE" button. Then click on "COLOR". There will be a button that says "ENHANCE COLOR". Click on that button then click on any area in your photo that you want to be pure white. In this photo I clicked on the upper right corner on the white background. This is how it comes out.
And that's it!

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Janie said...

OMG! I cannot thank you enough! I also take photos like you do, and I also use Microsoft photo editor. I did not know it had that feature for turning the background white! I just tried it and it works, easy peasy. You have now saved me lots of time in the future. Thank you!