Monday, March 14, 2011


I know right now many Etsy sellers are unhappy and are leaving for Artfire or other sites. But I'm not one of them. While I wasn't particularly happy with the loss of the forums, Etsy hasn't done much of anything to anger me. I've had a shop on Artfire for a long time and have neve had a single sale there. But I have been making sales fairly regularly on Etsy with minimal effort. So I am not joining the Anti-Etsy bandwagon. I am staying with Etsy



A. Alexandra said...

Well..think of it this way. The more people leave for artfire the more likely people will see your jewelry. It's terribly saturated with shops.

devonaz said...

I agree with A Alexandra,,the more people leave the more people will see my things,,I for one is not leaving Etsy either,,I have been there 3 years and love it,,good luck with your sales..