Friday, April 22, 2011

My first one!

I've been talking about making tutorials for a while, but I actually did it!!! I made one for one of my favorite items, things I make all the time.....TREE PENDANTS. It's already listed in my shop!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celesital bodies

I've been playing with the sun and moon theme recently. At first it was the crescent moon shape, which actally turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would. I tried using different pens, markers, nail polishes, anything round as a mandril to get the curves just right. Finally I ended up shaping everything completely by hand in a very, very long process.
To make the sun, I thought the gold wire I had sitting around would be perfect. As well as the beautiful yellow citrine briolettes that I don't use very often. 

And the combination of the two

This one was difficult because I used a thicker gauge of wire. The whole thing, except for the wrapping was made with just one piece of wire.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What is it with cats and boxes?

Any box, big or small is not safe from the kitties. If there is a box...there will be a kitty in it.

Exhibit A

The box is clearly too small...but does she care? Nope. What I wasn't able to get a picture of was Kara in this same box. She's a little bigger than Peanut so she couldn't curl up like Peanut could. Instead she just kind of crouched into it....her sides spilling over like a muffin top.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Something new

A while ago I came across a few blank circuit boards. Of course my mind immediately began thiking about making jewelry out of them. It took me a while to get the pieces cut, but the first jewelry item is done!
I think it would be the perfect gift for a "geeky" guy. There isn't really a big supply of men's jewelry available on Etsy so I'm hoping these will go, especially around Father's Day. I also want to make cuff links an tie clips as well.

Funny story about making this pendant. You see those little holes? Well boy was it tricky to get my shiny sealant to not pour out all those holes and all over my table haha.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm so sorry I've been neglecting the blog. But I've been pretty busy with my shop (knock on wood).

One day a few weeks ago I decided to add a listing for a custom wire name necklace. I didn't really think that people would be interested in it. Boy was I surprised when the listing sold the same day. Since then I've made probably close to 30 of those necklaces. And I've had so many custom orders for them in large quantities for bridesmaids and gifts!

This weekend I also added a listing for the name necklaces in GOLD, so we'll see if those sell as well.

I'm also super excited because I finally decided to go ahead and get a paypal debit card. Now if I have to go to the post office to send an international order, or if I'm going to the craft store for some supplies, I can draw money directly from my paypal account where money from my sales is saved. I almost feel like an actual business LOL

And since I'm loosing my day job in a few weeks I can definatly use all the sales I can get!